There are 88 keys...
and within that,
an entire universe.
–pianist James Rhodes

Welcome to The Music Room!
The Music Room, located in the Inner Richmond district of San Francisco, is a unique piano school dedicated to developing children's musicianship in a fun, friendly, and non-competitive environment.    
New Session Begins January 31st
Ring in the new year with music! If you've resolved to get your child started on piano, now is a great time to make it happen. Soccer season is over—at least for the time being!—so maybe your child has a little time to explore her musical side.
This session will have two Level 1 classes for beginners aged 4½ to 6½, one on Tuesday afternoons and one on Saturday mornings. There will also be a half- session for ages 3 to 4 on Tuesday afternoons. Check out the class details or email me at info[at symbol] with your questions. I hope you can come tickle the ivories with us!
Winter Recital on Saturday, January 14
About My Classes
I am currently offering group piano classes for ages 3 to 10 using a method called Harmony Road. My classes are the perfect way to introduce young children to the piano! With the Harmony Road method, I'm able to impart measurable musical skills in a fun and engaging way, avoiding the pressure and boredom that some children may experience in private piano lessons. And because my class size is limited to seven children, your child will still get plenty of individualized attention.  
Harmony Road classes are designed to introduce children to keyboard playing and general musicianship, and to develop their ability to play piano, read music, sing and solfege, and grasp rhythmic concepts. The method is parent-participatory and child-focused, with a variety of engaging activities in each class. In addition to playing the keyboard, students sing songs, use rhythm instruments, draw notes and musical symbols, and play games. Hey, who doesn't love musical bingo?
Visit a Class
Wondering if your child will like piano classes? If you'd like to try a class before committing, you and your child are welcome to visit! To request a date, just email me at info[at symbol] or put your request in the comments when you Join My Email List.