Miss Jessica

About Me

It has been a long-standing dream of mine to start my own music school, and I am so excited to be doing it here in San Francisco, where I feel truly connected to a wonderful community of children and families. I hope that my school will continue to be a valuable part of that community.

I am a certified Harmony Road instructor with over nine years of experience teaching the Harmony Road method. For many of my students, I am their first piano teacher, and I am so proud to be setting them on a positive path toward lifelong musical appreciation.

Now that I have two young children of my own, I am even more convinced of the importance of music in every person's life. I have chosen to teach Harmony Road because I believe it is the most fun and effective method for teaching young children to play piano, read music, and develop general musicianship.

Prior to becoming a Harmony Road instructor, I taught music and drama to children for several years, mostly at summer camps, including the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts in Southern California and the New Conservatory Children's Theatre in San Francisco. Although I have had several jobs over the years that were unrelated to the arts, I have always been involved in music and theatre in some way. In addition to playing piano, I am an actor and a singer, and I have performed with numerous theatres and vocal groups in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I earned a music degree with honors from Brown University.