In summer,
the song sings itself.

–William Carlos Williams

Summer Classes at The Music Room
The 2017 summer session is over. Check out my full-session classes!
My four-week summer session is a great opportunity for kids to try out piano for the first time in a music class that teaches real musical skills and knowledge. The curriculum is designed to introduce children to keyboard playing and general musicianship, and to develop their ability to play piano, read music, sing and solfege, and grasp rhythmic concepts. If your child is interested in music, and especially in piano, these summer classes are a fun way to get started!
Hello Music: ages 3-4
This class is a fun introduction to piano, solfege, rhythm, and note reading. We'll be singing lots of fun songs, playing our first notes on the piano, learning to recognize notes on the staff, singing solfege (DO RE MI), and playing basic rhythms on all kinds of fun instruments!

Four 45-minute classes, meeting once a week
$90 plus $10 materials fee

Piano Fun 101: ages 4½ - 6*
In this class, we'll start to learn the fundamentals of music, including the geography of the piano, five-finger position playing, solfege singing, rhythm comprehension, and musical notation. Students will sing along and play simple piano and rhythm parts with familiar songs like "Yellow Submarine" and "Do Your Ears Hang Low?"

Four 55-minute classes, meeting once a week
$100 plus $10 materials fee

*This class can be geared toward children ages 6-7.
Please contact me if you are interested in a class for older children:
info [at symbol]

Classes for Continuing Students
Prerequisites vary for each summer class being offered.

Four 55-minute classes, meeting once a week
$100 plus $10 materials fee

Summer 2017 registration is closed.